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André Joyal is a professor of mathematics at the Université du Québec à Montréal who works on category theory. Joyal was born in Drummondville (formerly Saint-Majorique). He has three children and lives in Montreal.

Main research

He discovered Kripke–Joyal semantics,[1] the theory of combinatorial species and with M. Tierney a generalization of the Galois theory of Grothendieck[2] in the setup of locales. Most of his research is in some way related to category theory, higher category theory and their applications. He did the first real work on quasi-categories, after their invention by Boardman and Vogt, in particular conjecturing[3] and proving the existence of a Quillen model structure on sSet whose weak equivalences generalize both equivalence of categories and Kan equivalence of spaces. He co-authored the book "Algebraic Set Theory" with Ieke Moerdijk and recently started a web-based expositional project Joyal's CatLab [4] on categorical mathematics.

Works on algebraic equations

Joyal proved the following theorem in 1967.

If is a polynomial of degree n such that , then all the zeros of P(z) lie in .[5]


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