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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} ArgoUML is an UML diagramming application written in Java and released under the open source Eclipse Public License. By virtue of being a Java application, it is available on any platform supported by Java.

ArgoUML does not yet completely implement the UML standard.[1]


ArgoUML was originally developed at UC Irvine by Jason E. Robbins, leading to his Ph.D. It is now an open source project hosted by The ArgoUML project now includes more than 19,000 registered users and over 150 developers.[2]

In 2003, ArgoUML won the Software Development Magazine's annual Readers' Choice Award in the “Design and Analysis Tools” category.[3]

ArgoUML development has suffered from lack of manpower. For example, Undo has been a perpetually requested feature since 2003 but has not been implemented yet.{{ safesubst:#invoke:Unsubst||date=__DATE__ |$B= {{#invoke:Category handler|main}}{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}[citation needed] }}


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  • All 9 UML 1.4 diagrams supported though not yet implemented. Only class diagram and use-case diagrams are more or less fully implemented.
  • Closely follows the UML standard.
  • Platform independent – Java 1.5+.
  • Click and Go! with Java Web Start (no setup required, starts from your web browser).
  • Standard UML 1.4 Metamodel.
  • XMI support.
  • Export diagrams as GIF, PNG, PS, EPS, PGML and SVG.
  • Available in ten languages: EN, EN-GB, DE, ES, IT, RU, FR, NB, PT, ZH.
  • Advanced diagram editing and zoom.
  • Built-in design critics provide unobtrusive review of design and suggestions for improvements.
  • Extensible modules interface.
  • OCL support.
  • Forward engineering (code generation supports C++ and C#, Java, PHP 4, PHP 5, Python, Ruby and, with less mature modules, Ada, Delphi and SQL).
  • Reverse engineering / JAR/class file import.


  • Partial undo feature (working for graphics edits [4][5])
  • support UML 2

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