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<timeline> ImageSize = width:700 height:2000 PlotArea = left:0 right:0 top:0 bottom:20 AlignBars = justify Colors =

 id:b value:rgb(0.85,0.85,0.85) # instruments
 id:f value:gray(0.8) # background bar
 id:heading value:rgb(0,0.6,0.5) # class
 id:subhead value:rgb(0,0.7,0.5) # subclass
 id:2x-subhead value:rgb(0,0.8,0.5) # sub-subclass
 id:3x-subhead value:rgb(0,0.9,0) # sub-sub-subclass
 id:4x-subhead value:rgb(0,1,0.5) # families
 id:paleGray  value:rgb(0.86,0.86,0.86) # grids

BarData =


Period = from:0 till:651 ScaleMajor = increment:72 start:2 gridcolor:paleGray TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal

Define $cc2 = 2 Define $cc1 = 74 Define $cc = 146 Define $c = 218 Define $c1 = 290 Define $c2 = 362 Define $c3 = 434 Define $c4 = 506 Define $c5 = 578 Define $c6 = 650 Define $dd2 = 14 Define $dd1 = 86 Define $dd = 158 Define $d = 230 Define $d1 = 302 Define $d2 = 374 Define $d3 = 446 Define $d4 = 518 Define $d5 = 590 Define $ee2 = 26 Define $ee1 = 98 Define $ee = 170 Define $e = 242 Define $e1 = 314 Define $e2 = 386 Define $e3 = 458 Define $e4 = 530 Define $e5 = 602 Define $ff2 = 32 Define $ff1 = 104 Define $ff = 176 Define $f = 248 Define $f1 = 320 Define $f2 = 392 Define $f3 = 464 Define $f4 = 536 Define $f5 = 608 Define $gg2 = 44 Define $gg1 = 116 Define $gg = 188 Define $g = 260 Define $g1 = 332 Define $g2 = 404 Define $g3 = 476 Define $g4 = 548 Define $g5 = 620 Define $aa2 = 56 Define $aa1 = 128 Define $aa = 200 Define $a = 272 Define $a1 = 344 Define $a2 = 416 Define $a3 = 488 Define $a4 = 560 Define $a5 = 632 Define $hh2 = 68 Define $hh1 = 140 Define $hh = 212 Define $h = 284 Define $h1 = 356 Define $h2 = 428 Define $h3 = 500 Define $h4 = 572 Define $h5 = 644

Define $max = 650 PlotData=

 align:center textcolor:black fontsize:10 mark:(line,black) width:10 shift:(0,-4)
 color:heading from:$ee  till:$c3  text:human voice
 color:b from:$ee  till:$e1  text:bass
 color:b from:$aa  till:$a1  text:baritone
 color:b from:$c   till:$c2  text:tenor
 color:b from:$e   till:$e2  text:alto
 color:b from:$a   till:$a2  text:mezzo-soprano
 color:b from:$c1  till:$c3  text:soprano
 color:heading from:$aa2 till:$c5  text:chordophone
 color:3x-subhead from:$ee1 till:$a4  text:bowed
 color:4x-subhead from:$ee1 till:$a4 text:violin family
 color:b from:$ee1 till:$a   text:double bass
 color:b from:$cc  till:$g2  text:cello
 color:b from:$c   till:$d4  text:viola
 color:b from:$g   till:$a4  text:violin
 color:3x-subhead from:$hh2 till:$f4  text:plucked
 color:b from:$hh2 till:$f4  text:harp
 color:b from:$ff1 till:$f3  text:harpsichord
 color:b from:$ee1 till:$g1  text:bass guitar
 color:b from:$ee  till:$e3  text:guitar
 color:b from:$g   till:$d4  text:mandolin
 color:b from:$d   till:$a2  text:5-string banjo
 color:3x-subhead from:$aa2 till:$c5  text:struck
 color:b from:$aa2 till:$c5  text:piano
 color:b from:$d till:$d3  text:hammered dulcimer
 color:b from:$aa2 till:$a4  text:cymbalum
 color:heading from:$cc2 till:$c6 text:aerophone
 color:subhead from:$cc2 till:$c6  text:woodwind instrument
 color:2x-subhead from:$aa2 till:$f3  text:double reed
 color:3x-subhead from:$hh2 till:$e3 text:exposed
 color:4x-subhead from:$hh2 till:$f2 text:bassoons
 color:b from:$hh2 till:$c1  text:contrabassoon
 color:b from:$hh1 till:$f2   text:bassoon
 color:4x-subhead from:$e till:$e3 text:oboes
 color:b from:$e   till:$h2  text:cor anglais
 color:b from:$a   till:$f3  text:heckelphone
 color:b from:$h   till:$e3  text:oboe
 color:2x-subhead from:$dd2 till:$a4  text:single reed
 color:4x-subhead from:$dd2 till:$a4 text:clarinet family
 color:b from:$dd2 till:$h   text:octocontrabass clarinet
 color:b from:$gg2 till:$h   text:octacontra-alto clarinet
 color:b from:$dd1 till:$h1  text:contrabass clarinet
 color:b from:$gg1 till:$h1  text:contra-alto clarinet
 color:b from:$dd  till:$h2  text:bass clarinet
 color:b from:$gg  till:$h2  text:alto clarinet
 color:b from:$d   till:$h3  text:soprano clarinet
 color:b from:$c1  till:$a4  text:sopranino clarinet
 color:4x-subhead from:$aa2 till:$e4 text:saxophone family
 color:b from:$aa2 till:$e   text:subcontrabass saxophone
 color:b from:$dd1 till:$d1  text:contrabass saxophone
 color:b from:$aa1 till:$e1  text:bass saxophone
 color:b from:$dd  till:$d2  text:baritone sax
 color:b from:$aa  till:$e2  text:tenor saxophone
 color:b from:$d   till:$d3  text:alto saxophone
 color:b from:$e   till:$h2  text:mezzo-soprano saxophone
 color:b from:$a   till:$e3  text:soprano saxophone
 color:b from:$d1  till:$d4  text:sopranino saxophone
 color:b from:$a1  till:$e4  text:sopranissimo saxophone
 color:2x-subhead from:$cc  till:$d4  text:free reed
 color:b from:$cc  till:$c4  text:harmonium
 color:b from:$gg  till:$a3  text:accordion
 color:b from:$c   till:$d4  text:16-hole harmonica
 color:b from:$c1  till:$c4  text:typical C harmonica
 color:2x-subhead from:$cc2 till:$c6 text:flutes
 color:3x-subhead from:$cc2 till:$c5 text:side blown
 color:4x-subhead from:$cc2 till:$c5 text:western concert flute family
 color:b from:$cc2 till:$c   text:hyperbass flute
 color:b from:$cc1 till:$c1  text:double contrabass flute
 color:b from:$gg1 till:$g1  text:subcontrabass flute
 color:b from:$cc  till:$c2  text:contrabass flute
 color:b from:$gg  till:$g2  text:contra-alto flute
 color:b from:$c   till:$c3  text:bass flute
 color:b from:$g   till:$g3  text:alto flute
 color:b from:$c1  till:$c4  text:flute
 color:b from:$c2  till:$c5  text:piccolo
 color:3x-subhead from:$cc2 till:$c6 text:internal duct (fipple)
 color:4x-subhead from:$f   till:$c5  text:recorders
 color:b from:$f   till:$c3  text:bass recorder
 color:b from:$c1  till:$g3  text:tenor recorder
 color:b from:$f1  till:$c4  text:alto recorder
 color:b from:$c2  till:$g4  text:soprano (descant) recorder
 color:b from:$f2  till:$c5  text:sopranino recorder
 color:b from:$cc2 till:$c6  text:organ*
 color:subhead from:$ff2 till:$h4  text:brass instrument
 color:4x-subhead from:$aa2 till:$f2  text:tubas
 color:b from:$aa2 till:$h text:contrabass tuba
 color:b from:$dd1 till:$g1 text:bass tuba
 color:b from:$ee1  till:$f2  text:tenor wagner tuba
 color:b from:$ff1  till:$f1 text:cimbasso
 color:4x-subhead from:$aa2  till:$d2  text:trombones
 color:b from:$aa2 till:$c2  text:contrabass trombone
 color:b from:$hh2  till:$f2  text:bass trombone
 color:b from:$ee  till:$f2  text:tenor trombone
 color:b from:$ff  till:$d2  text:alto trombone
 color:4x-subhead from:$ff1 till:$h2  text:horns
 color:b from:$hh1  till:$f2  text:horn
 color:b from:$ff1  till:$f2  text:baritone horn
 color:b from:$ff1  till:$f2  text:euphonium
 color:b from:$aa   till:$e2  text:alto horn
 color:b from:$g   till:$c3  text:flugelhorn
 color:4x-subhead from:$ee  till:$h4  text:trumpets
 color:b from:$ee  till:$h1  text:bass trumpet
 color:b from:$e   till:$h3  text:cornet
 color:b from:$e   till:$h3  text:trumpet
 color:b from:$h1  till:$h4  text:piccolo trumpet
 color:heading from:$cc  till:$c1  text:membranophone
 color:4x-subhead from:$cc  till:$c1  text:timpani
 color:b from:$cc till:$c text:D drum
 color:b from:$ee till:$e text:G drum
 color:b from:$aa till:$a text:C drum
 color:b from:$c  till:$g text:F drum
 color:b from:$c  till:$c1 text:A drum
 color:b from:$g  till:$c1 text:B drum
 color:heading from:$cc  till:$f5  text:idiophone
 color:2x-subhead from:$cc till:$c5 text:sticks or bars
 color:3x-subhead from:$cc till:$c5 text:xylophone family
 color:b from:$cc  till:$c4  text:marimba
 color:b from:$c1  till:$c5  text:xylophone
 color:2x-subhead from:$c till:$f5 text:plaques
 color:b from:$c3 till:$c4 text:crotales
 color:3x-subhead from:$c till:$f5 text:metallophones
 color:b from:$c   till:$f5  text:celesta
 color:b from:$c   till:$f3  text:vibraphone
 color:b from:$c2  till:$f5  text:glockenspiel
 color:2x-subhead from:$e till:$g2 text:tubes
 color:b from:$e   till:$g2  text:tubular bells
 color:2x-subhead from:$cc till:$g2 text:vessels
 color:b from:$cc till:$g2 text:gong
 color:f textcolor:blue align:left fontsize:S mark:(line,white) shift:(3,-4)
 from:0 till:$max
 at:$cc2  text:C0
 at:$cc1  text:C1
 at:$cc   text:C2
 at:$c    text:C3
 at:$c1   text:C4
 at:$c2   text:C5
 at:$c3   text:C6
 at:$c4   text:C7
 at:$c5   text:C8
 from:0 till:$max
 at:23    text:20
 at:65    text:30
 at:105   text:44
 at:153   text:70
 at:190   text:100
 at:232   text:150
 at:262   text:200
 at:304   text:300
 at:344   text:440
 at:392   text:700
 at:430   text:1000
 at:472   text:1500
 at:502   text:2000
 at:544   text:3000
 at:583   text:4400 Hz
 bar:pitch2 # exact copy of bar:pitch 
 from:0 till:$max
 at:$cc2  text:C0
 at:$cc1  text:C1
 at:$cc   text:C2
 at:$c    text:C3
 at:$c1   text:C4
 at:$c2   text:C5
 at:$c3   text:C6
 at:$c4   text:C7
 at:$c5   text:C8
 bar:Hz2 # exact copy of bar:Hz 
 from:0 till:$max
 at:23    text:20
 at:65    text:30
 at:105   text:44
 at:153   text:70
 at:190   text:100
 at:232   text:150
 at:262   text:200
 at:304   text:300
 at:344   text:440
 at:392   text:700
 at:430   text:1000
 at:472   text:1500
 at:502   text:2000
 at:544   text:3000
 at:583   text:4400 Hz


*This chart only displays down to C0, though the Octocontrabass clarinet extends down to the B♭ below that C. Also some pipe organs, such as the Boardwalk Hall Auditorium Organ, extend down to C−1 (one octave below C0).