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\forall A \, \forall B \, ( \forall X \, (X \in A \iff X \in B) \Rightarrow A = B)

TeX (checked):

\forall A\,\forall B\,(\forall X\,(X\in A\iff X\in B)\Rightarrow A=B)

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MathML (4.041 KB / 854 B) :

A B ( X ( X A X B ) A = B ) fragments for-all A for-all B fragments normal-( for-all X fragments normal-( X A iff X B normal-) normal-⇒ A B normal-) {\displaystyle\forall A\,\forall B\,(\forall X\,(X\in A\iff X\in B)\Rightarrow A% =B)}
<math xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML" id="p1.1.m1.1" class="ltx_Math" alttext="{\displaystyle\forall A\,\forall B\,(\forall X\,(X\in A\iff X\in B)\Rightarrow&#10;A%&#10;=B)}" display="inline">
  <semantics id="p1.1.m1.1a">
    <mrow id="p1.1.m1.1b">
      <mo id="p1.1.m1.1.1" xref="p1.1.m1.1.1.cmml"></mo>
      <mpadded width="+1.7pt" id="p1.1.m1.1.2">
        <mi id="p1.1.m1.1.2a">A</mi>
      <mo id="p1.1.m1.1.4" xref="p1.1.m1.1.4.cmml"></mo>
      <mpadded width="+1.7pt" id="p1.1.m1.1.5">
        <mi id="p1.1.m1.1.5a">B</mi>
      <mrow id="p1.1.m1.1.6" xref="p1.1.m1.1.6.cmml">
        <mo stretchy="false" id="p1.1.m1.1.7" xref="p1.1.m1.1.7.cmml">(</mo>
        <mo id="p1.1.m1.1.8" xref="p1.1.m1.1.8.cmml"></mo>
        <mpadded width="+1.7pt" id="p1.1.m1.1.9">
          <mi id="p1.1.m1.1.9a">X</mi>
        <mrow id="p1.1.m1.1.3" xref="p1.1.m1.1.3.cmml">
          <mo stretchy="false" id="p1.1.m1.1.11" xref="p1.1.m1.1.11.cmml">(</mo>
          <mi id="p1.1.m1.1.12">X</mi>
          <mo id="p1.1.m1.1.13" xref="p1.1.m1.1.13.cmml"></mo>
          <mi id="p1.1.m1.1.14">A</mi>
          <mo id="p1.1.m1.1.15" xref="p1.1.m1.1.15.cmml"></mo>
          <mi id="p1.1.m1.1.16">X</mi>
          <mo id="p1.1.m1.1.17" xref="p1.1.m1.1.17.cmml"></mo>
          <mi id="p1.1.m1.1.18">B</mi>
          <mo stretchy="false" id="p1.1.m1.1.19" xref="p1.1.m1.1.19.cmml">)</mo>
        <mo id="p1.1.m1.1.20" xref="p1.1.m1.1.20.cmml"></mo>
        <mi id="p1.1.m1.1.21">A</mi>
        <mo id="p1.1.m1.1.22" xref="p1.1.m1.1.22.cmml">=</mo>
        <mi id="p1.1.m1.1.23">B</mi>
        <mo stretchy="false" id="p1.1.m1.1.24" xref="p1.1.m1.1.24.cmml">)</mo>
    <annotation-xml encoding="MathML-Content" id="p1.1.m1.1c">
      <cerror id="p1.1.m1.1d">
        <csymbol cd="ambiguous" id="p1.1.m1.1e">fragments</csymbol>
        <csymbol cd="latexml" id="p1.1.m1.1.1.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.1">for-all</csymbol>
        <csymbol cd="unknown" id="p1.1.m1.1f">A</csymbol>
        <csymbol cd="latexml" id="p1.1.m1.1.4.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.4">for-all</csymbol>
        <csymbol cd="unknown" id="p1.1.m1.1g">B</csymbol>
        <cerror id="p1.1.m1.1.6.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.6">
          <csymbol cd="ambiguous" id="p1.1.m1.1.6a.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.6">fragments</csymbol>
          <ci id="p1.1.m1.1.7.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.7">normal-(</ci>
          <csymbol cd="latexml" id="p1.1.m1.1.8.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.8">for-all</csymbol>
          <csymbol cd="unknown" id="p1.1.m1.1.6b.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.6">X</csymbol>
          <cerror id="p1.1.m1.1.3.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.3">
            <csymbol cd="ambiguous" id="p1.1.m1.1.3a.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.3">fragments</csymbol>
            <ci id="p1.1.m1.1.11.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.11">normal-(</ci>
            <csymbol cd="unknown" id="p1.1.m1.1.3b.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.3">X</csymbol>
            <in id="p1.1.m1.1.13.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.13"/>
            <csymbol cd="unknown" id="p1.1.m1.1.3c.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.3">A</csymbol>
            <csymbol cd="latexml" id="p1.1.m1.1.15.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.15">iff</csymbol>
            <csymbol cd="unknown" id="p1.1.m1.1.3d.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.3">X</csymbol>
            <in id="p1.1.m1.1.17.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.17"/>
            <csymbol cd="unknown" id="p1.1.m1.1.3e.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.3">B</csymbol>
            <ci id="p1.1.m1.1.19.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.19">normal-)</ci>
          <ci id="p1.1.m1.1.20.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.20">normal-⇒</ci>
          <csymbol cd="unknown" id="p1.1.m1.1.6c.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.6">A</csymbol>
          <eq id="p1.1.m1.1.22.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.22"/>
          <csymbol cd="unknown" id="p1.1.m1.1.6d.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.6">B</csymbol>
          <ci id="p1.1.m1.1.24.cmml" xref="p1.1.m1.1.24">normal-)</ci>
    <annotation encoding="application/x-tex" id="p1.1.m1.1h">{\displaystyle\forall A\,\forall B\,(\forall X\,(X\in A\iff X\in B)\Rightarrow

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for-all upper A for-all upper B left-parenthesis for-all upper X left-parenthesis upper X element-of upper A left right double arrow upper X element-of upper B right-parenthesis right double arrow upper A equals upper B right-parenthesis

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